Did you know only 20 true species of hornets really exist? The one actual specie of a true hornet in the States is the European hornet. This type of hornet arrived to the U.S. from Europe and has since then figured out how to adapt to a number of The United States regions. You can identify the European hornet by noticing its color and length; yellow and brown, one and a half inches in length. Our hornet control Tustin experts can also identify these stinging insects for you.

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Another common pest you have likely heard about, the ‘bald-faced’ hornet, is not really a genuine hornet. This bothersome pest is normally an inch long and white and black in color. Both hornets described just now reveal actions comparable to that of a yellow jacket. Even so, being attentive to the size is the ideal way to differentiate; hornets are actually larger than yellow jackets.

Bald-faced hornets create aerial nests, round in shape, about the size of a basketball or football and often built in trees. European hornets make their nests in secluded, above-ground places like hollowed out trees, crawl spaces, porches and within the wall voids. These specific nests normally resemble ‘paper’ but are crafted from the hornet’s saliva mixed with the wood they acquired to create the nest. It isn’t rare to notice hornets gathering wood from a building without paint, wooden fence, or even an old log.

Hornets are very well recognized for the excruciatingly painful sting but actually help to control other insects all around your home from becoming a bother in your home. Hornets tend to be sociable therefore it’s not likely you will notice individual hornets and instead will come across a bunch at any given time. They happen to be quite protective of their nests so it’s crucial that you never handle one if you locate one. European hornets are usually less assertive as compared to yellow jackets and they take pride in sheltering their own nest and will certainly take considerable actions if necessary to ward off any risk they may predict.

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