You can find certain kinds of millipedes that are commonly evident in Tustin, California but will be brown and two and a half to four centimeters long. You may identify them by observing their two segments have two pairs of legs.

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Millipedes lay their offspring in dirt, their ideal location, and a lot of millipede varieties will be fully mature within their 2nd year, surviving a number of years right after maturity.

Tustin Millipedes

It isn’t uncommon to discover a millipede both in and out of your residence. If noticed indoors, they are going to very likely be observed in moistened locations. Outside the house they tend to enjoy flowerbeds and home gardens. Should you have mulch close to your home or piled-up dead vegetation you will likely have some below. They simply want humid soil or a moist environment. They feed on rotting timber and leaves.

Millipede Behavior/Existence

Come fall, you will start noticing the millipedes begin to migrate, departing from the dwelling they identified as home over the past few months. It is said that the millipedes start migrating to prepare for the winter months, however should you receive significant rainfall you will likely see them also, because of being flushed out of their dwellings whenever it floods. While migrating you may begin to be aware the millipedes in your house or place of business.

Millipede Sightings & Access Points

Should a millipede stumble on the house, they’ll likely first take residence on the patio area or deck. It’s a shame they won’t just remain there. Once they have invaded your outside patio or porch, they will climb over the external surfaces, seeking out a way into the property or home that’s usually a small gap which you have not acknowledged. Because of this, ensuring there aren’t any entry points all over the home can really help keep them from invading the inside. If your garage or some other storage area is full of containers and other items, clean up often to protect yourself from millipedes from setting up shelter beneath your valuables and/or furniture.

Techniques for Decreasing Tustin Millipede Invasions

Examine your exterior landscape and remove any unnecessary compost. Try to make sure a gap of at least 6 inches in between any foundation level flowerbeds up against the residence. This includes removing any mulch, grass and fallen foliage right against the property’s exterior.

Examine all of the screens in your house. It’s critical that crawl space and attic screens are in place and not worn out. The entry door should also shut firmly and securely, that allows no space for harmful pests to enter; since they definitely will when they can.

Look at and repair (if required) the outer doors’ weather stripping. When you do not use or have weather stripping or it is tattered the pests could easily get in and must be serviced. Your lower level doors also need secure weather strip protection. If you observe light directly below or all around a door (or window) it needs to be repaired.

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