If you’ve ever seen a silverfish you’re most likely aware where its name originates from. These pests are formed like a tear-drop and are normally a silver-bluish or brown-grey color. They can differ in size ranging from 12 millimeters to 19 millimeters long. They showcase 3 long bristles on the rear-end and do not look much various as they mature.

Intrusion of Silverfish

Silverfish are commonly discovered in dark, wet locations like the attic, restroom, kitchen or basement. If you have a lot of wet choices, garments or paper for example, this is where the silverfish will prefer to hide.

Silverfish Diet

Silverfish enjoy a diet of starches and sugar so they prefer carbohydrates; linen, silk, shampoo, cellulose, book glue and dead insects, to name a few.

Tustin Silverfish and Reproduction

Interestingly, these pests will do a particular dance for their mate prior to mating. The male will lay what is called spermatophore in the female’s ovipositor. The number of eggs that are produced after mating will depend on the species of silverfish that mated.

Indicators of an Infestation

If you are like most, you have seen a silverfish scurry across the floor or counter at one point, however were not alarmed at the sight.

Once you start seeing more than one here or there or notice their feces (much like the look of pepper) it might be an indication there is a problem occurring. Many do not realize silverfish are on their property though because centipedes, earwigs and spiders will consume silverfish. If these bugs are currently taking up residence in the house, they could possibly be feasting on the silverfish.

Protect Your Home from Tustin Silverfish

You will not likely see silverfish during the day as they are nocturnal. In addition, they can move very quickly. Because they are good at being secretive you may not notice a problem for rather a long time which is regrettable due to the fact that they can recreate very swiftly.

They are destroying pests but only if not taken care of in a prompt way. If they are left unattended to, they can easily damage any paper, the wallpaper and your clothing. Check your linen closet when you suspect a silverfish infestation to ensure they have not been harmed or the closet is not plagued with even more.

While they have the ability to make it through in most environments they will select damp areas over others. You can ensure that you are protected from a silverfish invasion by making sure to keep a balanced humidity level within the house.

Dealing with an Existing Silverfish Invasion

Must you not recognize your house is being gotten into by silverfish till it is too late, you need to telephone us at (714) 400-2356 to set up a treatment right away. Our silverfish control Tustin operators can examine the problem and design a treatment strategy particular to your needs. There are existing items used for DIY methods, however normally only kill those you see; not those that continue to be hidden, increasing in time. You can also make use of techniques that fend off silverfish, but if they are currently taking over your home, it will not make them go away. Call our silverfish control Tustin professionals right now!

Our Silverfish Tustin Solutions

Our technique for silverfish control attacks silverfish in all phases of life (eggs and adults) which assists ensure complete elimination. Call (714) 400-2356 and provide us a short description of your problem and our silverfish control Tustin experts will further aid you, figuring out the best strategy.

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