Wasps tend to be a frequent stinging insect in the Tustin area and one many are less than fond of, but would rather have over more dangerous stinging insects. The type of wasp is what determines its appearance. However, the majority possess two pair of wings and squeezed waists.

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Some wasps are sociable and like to reside in colonies, like bees, and may vary from 100s to thousands in a single colony. Females are in control of functions within the colony and look after the eggs. Solitary wasps are not going to need a colony as they would rather live on their own and also lay offspring, however they don’t stay with their offspring in the meantime.

Tustin contains both predatory and parasitic wasps. The good thing about predatory wasps is that they execute and devour other sorts of pesky bugs which they use to provide for the larvae. Parasitic wasps most certainly lay eggs but not within the nest; they are going to lay them inside a spider or caterpillar in which the larvae has constant nutrition from the surviving host.

You’ve very likely witnessed aggressive wasps but not all the wasps are like this. However, they can and will sting many times if necessary. Wasps are a plus for the natural environment for their duty of preying on several other bugs that damage landscaping plant life and vegetation.

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